İsmet İnönü Exhibition From Lausanne to Republic

İsmet İnönü Exhibition From Lausanne to Republic

İnönü Foundation is commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne by a comprehensive, interactive exhibition. 

The exhibition, through a series of documents and photographs from the Inonu Foundation archive, sheds light on a crucial period of Turkish History during which  various social, cultural and economic changes  took place, and aims at the observation of these changes within the  context of  the perspective  of İnönü, dating from the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne to the Declaration of Republic, through the early years of the Republic and the internal and foreign politics of the time.

The exhibition adorned with new media technologies is curated by Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak and designed by Cagdas Arpac and Dr. Fatma Ture. The visitors will be able to interactively explore the documents and the photographs in detail through video installations and touch screen displays.

The exhibition consists of four main sections: Life of Ismet Inonu, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Ismet Inonu, Treaty and Conference of Lausanne, Ismet Inonu and Internal-Foreign Politics. There’s also a kids section in the exhibition that consists of a 10 minute animation ...


Pink House

Pink House

In 1924 İsmet İnönü bought The Pink House which was an orchard house at that time. He spent his next 48 years in this house. He moved in here with his family in 1925 and lived here until 1973.

After Ankara became the Capital; Pink House,  being one of the oldest houses in Ankara, was a stage for many first-events and held very important place in our society.

With Atatürk taking the lead,  meetings and discussions on The Revolution were held at The Pink House.

On 22 February 1927, the first ball ever in Ankara was held here, at The Pink House. In addition, many first time events of the new republic like concerts, exhibitions, scientific meetings took place here. Chess and snooker games, horseback riding competitions, dressage races were organized in the House, and in its surrounding gardens. There were horticultural experiments on varieties of flowers, trees and pinewoods in order to find out the suitable vegetation for Ankara’s climate. All these listed activities were part of İsmet Pasha’s special interests.

İsmet İnönü was very fond of fine arts; paintings, sculptures and polyphonic music. At a younger age, he had taken up cello. He attached importance to founding and impro...



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