Ankara Anıtkabir İsmet İnönü Gallery

Ankara Anıtkabir İsmet İnönü Gallery

Anıtkabir İnönü Tomb

After the examinations made by the government on the 26th of December in 1973, it was decided that İsmet İNÖNÜ was to be entombed in Anıtkabir. About this matter, Council of Ministers enacted 7/7669 numbered law on 27th of December in 1973. With the enactment, the place of the burial was specified as 25 long span colonnades’ middle space between 13th and 14th pillars of Anıtkabir Victory and Peace Towers. Ismet İnönü was buried in Anıtkabir with a state ceremony in December 28, 1973. With 06.11.1981 dated and 2549 numbered law about the state cemetery, it was concluded that no one else could be buried in Anıtkabir apart from İsmet İnönü who was the closest comrade in arms and also workmate of Atatürk, the great savior for whom the Turkish Public gave Anıtkabir as a gift.

Ismet İnönü’s tomb was rearranged with the work began in 1993 and took its final shape in January, 1997. On the parade ground, a spring flower shaped tombstone with pink granite is placed over the base covered with white travertine. A symbolic garland is installed in front of the tombstone. When looked from the front side, on the left face of the tomb, a quote of İsmet İnönü from the telegram he sent due to victory of the Second Battle of İnönü to Ankara can be seen.

“The view I see from Metristepe :Bozüyük is on fire and the enemy left the battlefield, which they filled with their own bodies, to us.”

Western front Commander İsmet

On the right side face of the tombstone Mustafa Kemal’s answer to the telegram is written. To West Front Commander and Chief of General Staff:

“You did not only beat the ill fortune of the enemy but also that of the nation.”

President of Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Kemal


İsmet İnönü Exhibiton Hall and Burial Chamber

The entrance to the İsmet İnönü’s burial chamber and exhibition hall is through the west side pillars’ walls’ door. At the left side of the short hall, there is a way to the reception room with the stairs to the first floor. The hall is rectangle shaped in-depth and the wall and ceilings are fiber concrete.

The solid oak cage on the ceiling is inclined to the walls. The floor is covered with Anatolian and Cappadocia colored granite. In this section, there is an oak framed leather seats for the guests and a special notebook written by İnönü family during their visits is placed on the solid oak rostrum. The exhibition hall is on the left side of the reception room and burial chamber on the right side of it. The exhibition room is designed in a similar way with the reception room.
Only in this section on the walls there are photos of the life of İsmet İnönü and display windows for exhibiting purposes. A bit further in the room, there is a cinevision part where the documentary of the İsmet İnönü’s life and works can be watched. The entrance to the burial chamber is provided with a bronze door that is behind the wooden door. The burial chamber is square shaped and covered with truncated pyramid ceiling. On the west side wall, there is a geometric patterned leaded window made of red, blue, white and yellow colored glass as well as an altar (mihrab) in the direction of kiblah. The arch molding and ceiling of the altar are covered gold-colored inlay. On the south wall side and both sides of the entrance, there is a rectangle wall niche in which the gnomic words of İsmet İnönü is written in gold bronze. The white granite coating sarcophagus is placed over the white colored granite covered base in the direction of Kiblah. Ismet İnönü’s body was buried in the section covered with soil under this sarcophagus in accordance with the İslamic conditions.

When entered in the burial chamber, these words of İsmet İnönü are written straight ahead:

“One of the many reform attempts of our Revolution in this country is the well-timed action of giving the women the status and recognizing the women’s rights. When think of the Turkish revolution, it will be said that this was also the women’s independence (liberation) revolution.”

09.12.1934 İsmet İnönü

On the right and left sides of the burial chamber are written these words of İsmet İnönü:

“It is definitely out of question for us to give up the fundamental principle of our Republic that equates all our citizens and gives the same rights to everyone.”

İsmet İnönü

“Glorious Turkish Youth!

In all our works, advanced person, advanced nation and high people community should always stay as the target for you. You will carry the Turkish Nation upon your shoulders as a mighty generation.”

19.05.1944 İsmet İnönü


NOTE: İsmet İnönü Exhibiton Room opens every year for a week on the 19th of May and the 29th of September between December 25 and January 5.

(Taken from “Atatürk and the War of Independence Museum” brochure prepared by Anıtkabir Command.)