The Aims of the Foundation

The Aims of the Foundation

According to its statutory rules, the aims of the foundation are:

a) To collect, to preserve all the memories, documents and belongings of İsmet İnönü and to make all available to the use of experts and researchers as well as to take measures in order these to be transmitted to the next generations and whole humanity.

b) To encourage, to support and to reward the historical research studies which examine the political, social, financial, cultural, scientific and technological life of Turkish society during the time period between the last years of Ottoman Empire and the foundation of the Republic and its 50-year development in which İsmet İnönü lived as well as to publish the results of these research studies.

c) To transform the houses in Ankara, Çankaya, Şehit Ersan Street, No: 14 (PINK HOUSE) and in İstanbul, Heybeliada,Refah Şehitleri Street, No:73, where İsmet İnönü resided for a long time throughout his life, into “İNÖNÜ MUSEUMS.”

d) To establish “İNÖNÜ LIBRARY” primarily in one of the places as specified in the section(c) and to take necessary measures for experts and researchers to benefit from it.

e) To help and to support as much as possible the “İNÖNÜ MUSEUMS” or “İNÖNÜ LIBRARIES” that are already or will be established in other parts of Turkey.

f) To encourage and to promote doing research studies about the life and works of İsmet İnönü in various time periods as well as publishing them and writing books in Turkish or foreign languages.

g) To give “İNÖNÜ SCHOLARSHIP” or “İNÖNÜ AWARDS” in accordance with the rules and principles as specified by the board of directors of the Foundation.