İnönü Archives

İnönü Archives

İnönü Archive System consists of 3 parts: Library, Document Archive and Photo Archive.

Library section stores the printed publications like books, periodicals, collection of maps belonging to İsmet İnönü as well as the books that arrived later at İnönü Foundation. Over 5000 books of İsmet İnönü were repaired and bound. The bibliographic data of the publications are compiled in the same registry; however, the books that belong to the foundation are codified as a separate group which can be displayed in a different place if required. Thus, the original integrity of İsmet İnönü’s library has been preserved exactly. In the library collection, in addition to Turkish, there are 5074 works in English, German, French and Arabic. The publications in the library can be scanned by the name of the author, of the book, of the row and the topic title. The speeches, statements and orations that were given by İsmet İnönü throughout his life outside the Turkish Grand National Assembly were browsed from the media and collected into book.

In the Document Archive there are also documents like letters, telegrams, bills and reports. Almost all are original and single copy. The Arabic letters were translated into Latin letters. A considerable part of the German, French, English and other ones were translated into Turkish. In the Document Archive there are 6672 registrations. These documents can be scanned by the type of the document, the name of the author, of the addressee, the names of the people in the document, of the places, of the legal entities and the topic titles.

The Photo Archive consists of albums and photographs. Each photograph is described together with the shoot features, subject, place and the people in it. There are still 3248 registered photos in the Photo Archive.

All of the voice tapes and video display tapes were transferred to CD in order to preserve them longer.